Sgt. Ed DeJong

Columbia Valley RCMP

This past week, August 28 to September 4, the Columbia Valley RCMP responded to 94 calls for service. The following is a summary of some of the file our officers responded to:

On August 29, police received a report of a mobility scooter that had been stolen some time in the previous 10 days from downtown Invermere. The scooter is described as a red Victory Model 10.  

If anyone has any information regarding the theft or the scooter’s whereabouts, please call the Columbia Valley RCMP or Crimestoppers.  

On August 31, a member of the Columbia Valley RCMP was patrolling on Hwy 93-95 near Dry Gulch when they observed a vehicle driving in an abnormal manner.  A traffic stop was conducted and the subsequent investigation led to the seizure of a suspected 3D printed firearm. The driver of the vehicle was released without charge pending the results of the analysis of the suspected firearm.  

On September 1, Columbia Valley RCMP received a report of a fraud that had occurred through Facebook Marketplace. 

The complainant had found an item he wanted to purchase and agreed to send the seller an e-transfer for the purchase amount, with the seller promising to ship the item to the Columbia Valley. The item was never shipped and the seller’s account has been deleted.  

Police provided the victim some tips to prevent getting scammed in the future, such as looking into the seller’s history to see if there are repeat listings for the same items, the length of time the seller has been on the platform (as most scammers will create new accounts regularly), or arranging to meet the seller in a public space to exchange the item for the agreed price.