Submitted by POW Pizza

In a world where adversity often paves the path to greatness, Jesse Johnson’s story stands out as a testament to resilience and determination. 

The journey of POW Pizza, nestled in the heart of Windermere, is not merely a tale of dough and cheese but a narrative of passion reignited against all odds.

The tale begins with a food truck, once a bustling extension of Jesse’s renowned Calgary restaurant, Without Papers Pizza in Inglewood. Jesse recounts the days when the truck emerged as support to keep pace, ferrying delectable creations to eager patrons. However, fate had a different plan as the closure of the eatery due to COVID left the truck idle, a relic of past glories. Yet, from the ashes of disappointment emerged a beacon of hope as commercial land in Windermere beckoned Jesse’s entrepreneurial spirit. The parcel of land became more than a mere investment; it symbolized a fresh start, a sanctuary amidst the tranquil embrace of the lake and mountains.

“This was more than a business venture . . . this was a lifeline among loss and uncertainty.”

In the face of Alberta COVID mandates, Johnson stood firm in his belief that every individual, vaccinated or unvaccinated, deserved equal treatment, dignity, and respect. 

Rejecting the notion of a vaccine passport which he viewed as fostering division among people, his philosophy is rooted in non-judgment and respect for privacy of patrons. His values embody compassion and echoes the sentiments of this valley bound by shared humanity. 

POW Pizza stands as a sanctuary where all are welcomed with open arms.

What sets POW Pizza apart isn’t merely its tasty offerings, but the essence of Detroit infused in every slice. Unique menu items like the “Hey Bob” Donaire pizza and the distinctive blue steel pans evoke the spirit of Motor City, while the meticulous technique and brick-cheese crust pay homage to tradition.

“Technique is everything,” Jesse affirms, his hands moving with the precision of an artisan. “It’s the air bubbles in the focaccia crust, the sauce atop the toppings—it’s Detroit in every bite.”

Offering take-out only this winter, POW is located at 1662 Sinclair Avenue in Windermere, beside the White House Pub, and beckons to seekers of culinary adventure. 

In collaboration with the Regional District of East Kootenay, plans are underway to once again welcome patrons and ensure a seamless transition to dine-in experiences by May long weekend.

As POW Pizza continues to redefine Windermere’s culinary landscape, POW stands as a beacon of unwavering commitment—to quality, to community, and to the belief that every slice tells a story worth savouring.

POW invites you to savour the taste of passion and perseverance. Mention this story and enjoy $5 off your pizza—a token of gratitude from Jesse to all patrons. Call or text 250-409-7691. Come for the pizza. Stay for the legacy.