By Dan Walton

Pioneer staff

A large turnover is looming at the Little Badger Early Learning Program, but the doors will not be closing at the Windermere preschool.

Its Montessori status is still up in the air, however, as all five of its specialized instructors are slated to leave.

Without a Montessori teacher, it will just be a regular preschool, said manager Kathleen Elphick. Were hoping to recruit and continue as a Montessori school, but doors are not closing either way.

Ms. Elphick and five Montessori teachers employed at Little Badgers will be finding new opportunities over the next few months.

If trained Montessori teachers cannot be recruited, the school will operate in a similar fashion, but independent of the Montessori model.

By August, Little Badgers is hoping to recruit at least two teachers as well as a new manager, Ms. Elphick said.

It likely wont have an adverse affect on the children, she said.

Montessori education allows students more freedom in its approach to learning. For example, each curriculum is partially built around student interests.

Theyll know their letters and numbers some will be reading by the time they leave the program, Ms. Elphick said.

She hopes Little Badgers will be able to continue as a Montessori school, as many local families have become comfortable with the Montessori-based methods. There are currently 53 children enrolled in three programs at Little Badgers. Children enrolled are mainly between 30 months and five years old.