Dear Editor:

There are fewer establishments that are as vital to a community than a library. Andrew Carnegie, the great Scottish/American philanthropist knew this. Coming from an impoverished childhood, then making his fortune, he built a total of 2,509 Carnegie libraries around the world 125 of them in Canada.

Invermere and surrounding residents deserve a decent library that should be located in the proposed new community centre. A new and prominent location for the library would bring in more users. Libraries educate young and old; provide a place for the inquisitive mind; and entertain all groups of society with books and visual technology.

Our present Valley Fitness Centre serves the community well. Would it be nice to have a new one? Of course, but for Invermeres purposes, putting a library at the top of the list is essential. Our community should look to the future and not miss an opportunity to provide library space in the new proposed community centre.

Eloise Berry