Dear Editor:

In response to Arnor Larsons letter last week (Jumbo Road unclarity in the July 18th issue), I must strongly disagree with his assertions (intentional or not) that all the words from Glacier Resorts, provincial officials and their spokespeople are the ones providing misinformation. As a neutral observer of the Jumbo process, Ive watched the company meet every obstacle with nothing but facts, constantly improving the plan and taking the high road every time. Ive observed the hate, illegal blockades, unsuccessful court challenges, screaming violence (newspaper employees having to lock their doors in fear of screaming opposition), death threats (yes, death threats) and the ridiculous uninformed opinions of many Jumbo opponents. NEVER have the proponents raised their voices, showing unbelievable control and restraint.

Its totally the actions of the opposition that have made me pro-Jumbo. Being a former climber, professional skier and self-employed, I can see someone coming here, leaving thousands of dollars, many jobs and only a few tracks in the snow the cleanest and greenest tourist dollar business possible.

Its called SUSTAINABLE Green.

John Nairn