Dear Editor:

I enjoyed the article regarding the Wetlands Conservation proposal incites backlash (May 6th Pioneer). I live on the river in Fairmont so Im on the side of the proposed speed limit on the river. In fact, Id like to have no motorized vessels on our end of the river. Already, adults and children are floating down the river in plastic blowups, canoes, kayaks and the new stand-up paddleboards. This is no place for motorized vessels. On Friday, May 6th, several people were floating down the river. At 5 p.m., I heard a tremendous noise. It was a jet boat that passed so fast I did not have time to get my camera.

Im for banning motorized vessels between the two lakes. The Great Blue Heron used to nest across from my home, but I have not seen it this year! The ducks are nesting on the river banks. How many nests got flooded out Friday night by that irresponsible jet boat? The following photos were taken in front of my home to show Mr. Kupchanko, who says Those that do, go with specialized equipment and act responsibly.

Lynda Devenish

Fairmont Hot Springs