Dear Editor:

Seriously? Since when can the District of Invermere council entertain a motion that would rename Mount Nelson?

Look I get it. Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson, for whom Mount Nelson was named, never set foot in the East Kootenay, nor in Canada for that matter. I agree with the council that our most awe-inspiring peak should be named after someone local, with a history of service to our community. However, I fail to see why this pristine peak should be named after current mayor Gerry Taft. Yes, he was born and raised here and, yes, he is a successful entrepreneur. I also respect the fact that in 2017 he will be entering his 15th year as an elected official and public servant.

I strongly urge the DOI council to vote down this motion and, if they are set on renaming Mount Nelson, find a more appropriate historical figure to honour. Say NO to Mount Taft!


Avrel Fulz