Dear Editor:

Every year, millions of Canadians are targeted by fraud regardless of their age, education level, income, profession or ethnicity. March is Fraud Protection Month in Canada and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada is joining the Competition Bureau and several other organizations in raising awareness about the issue of fraud. Its an ideal time for Canadians to find out how to recognize, prevent and report fraud should they become a victim.

Its easy to fall for a financial scam. Criminals use creative tactics to catch potential victims at different stages of their lives. Whether you are starting your first job, moving out on your own, maintaining a home or living in retirement, be mindful of the potential scams that could target you. Protect your assets, property and identity by recognizing and reporting the warning signs to the proper authorities and by visiting to learn more.

Lucie Tedesco


Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

Columbia Valley RCMP Staff Sergeant Marko Shehovac adds: in the valley we are getting letters sent to people claiming that they are looking for a relative that has the same name as yours and that they want to deposit the money into your account.

Some will phone and try to pass themselves off as a grandson or granddaughter and claim they are in trouble and need money but dont tell Mom and Dad. Do not fall victim to these scams.