Dear Editor:

Crown corporations such as Parks Canada, Canada Post, and the CBC are being systematically defunded, mismanaged and intentionally devalued so as to make their privatization publicly palatable. And because Canada has no functioning media, the public doesnt know about it.

Take Kootenay Park. Demolished then abandoned, nothing done in decades could be considered an improvement. Management took this once-beautiful showcase and transformed it into a garbage dump with a fence around it and a freeway through it. Speed bumps may have been more appropriate. Years ago, the park provided summer jobs for our students keeping our trails safe and clean. Today that could get you arrested.

Pitney Bowes aspires to be the world monopoly in mail delivery Deepak Chopra was about as high up as you get in the company. He served as president and CEO in many locations worldwide, including Canada, raking in millions.

But he gave all that up when PM Steven Harper appointed him president and CEO of Canada Post. Too bad we dont punish political crime in this country. The new Trudeau government asked Chopra nicely to step down, but he refuses! Not until hes gutted Canada Post.

The president and CEO and just about the entire board-of-directors of the CBC, are Conservative Party donors handpicked by Steven Harper. They all share the same goal: kill the CBC. Trudeau wont even ask that board to resign, because they wont. Not until CBC blood runs down our streets, or 2020 when their appointments run out. Meanwhile CBC assets, such as headquarters, are being auctioned off now. You may think we elected a new government. But Canada is still being managed by appointees from the old government. There is not much Canadian about Canada anymore. Its all been auctioned for personal gain. This must stop.

Bryan Stawychny