Submitted by Windermere Lake Ambassadors

  • Average Water Temperature: 19.8 °C
  • Average Water Depth: 3.8 m
  • Average Turbidity: 0.98 NTU
  • Turbidity Average Dissolved Oxygen: 7.3 mg/L
  • Average pH: 8.18

After weeks of breathing smoke, the fresh air on the lake has never tasted as good as it did this morning. The birds seem to agree: red-necked grebes abounded, contentedly bobbing around and diving for minnows all morning, and the bald eagles were soaring, happy to have their vision restored.

This week, both of our citizen scientists were new residents to the Valley, who jumped in right away to get involved with the Ambassadors. Big thanks to Allie, who moved from Boston, MA only a few weeks ago, to work at the Old Blue Truck Farm, and to Richard, who came a few months ago from Peace River and got right to work by joining the LWA board!