By Kelsey Verboom

Pioneer Staff

Columbia Valley biking enthusiasts will soon be able to test their tires on a brand-new pump track slated to be built in Radium this spring.

A pump track is a trail consisting of small jumps and corners where riders use a pumping motion with their bodies to gain momentum to move around the track, instead of pedalling.

The Columbia Valley Cycling Society will be leading the park project, which will be built in the open area nearest Highway 95 down beside the Sinclair Creek Trail system in Radium Hot Springs.

The idea for the bike area was first hatched by the Radium Rotary Clubs Al Leslie, who then approached the cycling club. The not-for-profit cycling society presented the idea to Radium council at a regular meeting on January 11th, and council gave their unanimous support.

Its really exciting. Radium council is eager work with us, and thats really encouraging for us, said Adrian Bergles, president of the bike club. The track will increase cycling opportunities for people in the valley. This will be something unique to the Columbia Valley, and will be for riders from kids to adults.

It will be a great place for youth to ride, and for people who might not be ready to go out on the trail. Its a place to hone their skills and develop as cyclists.

Radium Rotary will be working with the club to help fund the project, the estimated cost of which is $23,000.

The cycling society hopes to add donations, either in money or donated equipment and dirt fill, to the Rotarys financial contribution, and have applied for a Grant in Aid from the village.

Council will take the request into consideration when planning their budget next month.

Its like any work we do. It relies on funding and donations, Mr. Bergles said, adding that the project will likely take 250 dump truck loads of dirt fill, so any donated fill would be welcomed.

Once completed, Mr. Bergles said he hopes the park will excite and encourage riders, at the same time attracting attention to the beautiful Sinclair Creek Trails.

We have been trying to increase the number of activities for families to do together while visiting Radium, and we are thrilled that Rotary and CV cycling club are working jointly on this project, Mayor Dee Conklin added. Along with all the other new bike trails, the Columbia Valley is becoming a place for bike enthusiasts to visit.

Once further funding is secured, construction for the pump track is set to begin in May. To donate or help with the project, contact