Dear Editor:

Please come and help us celebrate the Grand Old Lady, built by Lord Randolph Bruce in 1914, has served many roles over the years, and is about to turn 100! It was Lord Bruces home until 1926, and was later a hospital, seniors residence and home for the mentally challenged. Since 1990, CV Arts has operated Pynelogs as a Public Art Gallery, and undertook a major renovation in 2005. Just this month, we gave this wonderful heritage building a fresh coat of paint in anticipation of the 100th Anniversary celebrations. In fact, the gallery season starts on April 8th with the ninth annual Art From the Heart exhibit, featuring art from all of the elementary schools in the Columbia Valley.

In addition, CV Arts has a number of events coming up in the next month starting with the Music on Film festival at Pynelogs this weekend (see the Out and About listings), a jazz and blues show, a piano concert, the irrepressible comedy of Lorne Elliott and more. Please visit our website at to get all the details to update your calendars. Call Jami at 250-342-4423 to get on our email distribution list for events notices; Jami can also help you sign up for your 2014 CV Arts membership. Its a key fund-raising initiative to bring more events to our community. Please come and be part of our season long Pynelogs celebrations!

Chris Evans

President, Columbia Valley Arts Council