Dear Editor:

I have been a Windermere resident for the past 14 years. Every year we go through the same problem with the drinking water: the boil water notice goes up in June and remains up for about a month. At that point the boil water notice is taken down and the turbidity sign remains.

This sign says the turbidity is fair. This should be unacceptable to all Windermere residents. I cant understand why all residents would not have the best quality drinking water as a priority for the safety of their families. We are spending a lot of money on bottled water every year to ensure we dont get sick from the poor water quality that comes to our homes. I am certain that through a proper explanation of the cost to each resident to upgrade our current water supply, and an independent review of the quality of our water we are now receiving, all residents will agree to a tax increase to cover these costs.

I am aware that the residents turned down an opportunity to address upgrading our water a while back, but I think the right information on the quality of water we are now using in our homes by an independent party will influence us to do the right thing for all families living in Windermere.

It is something we can no longer overlook for the safety of our families. How can you possibly weigh the health of your families against a small tax increase?

Richard Thorogood