Dear Editor:

I just had to respond to Mark Hermary`s comments about smart meters. I would like to point out just a couple of things.

If Mr. Hermary did his homework, he would know that Corix Utilities is an B.C. company based out of Vancouver. I worked for Corix Utilities installing gas meters.

Talking about all of these radio waves, I have to wonder how many people that are complaining about them have such things as a TV remote, a cell phone, a wireless router inside your home for internet, wireless stereo speaker systems, or garage door openers.

All of these things are radios. How many of you will give up your laptops, computers and wireless game consoles, as each one of these give off radio signals?

Its about time people woke up and realized how many appliances they have in their home that give off much more powerful radio waves than a smart meter! Have you looked at your microwave or inverter oven lately?

Mike Paradis

Edmonton, Alberta (Editors note: Mr. Paradis was a Columbia Valley resident until one year ago.)