Construction at the Radium Hot Springs Pools and along nearby sections of Highway 93 will continue throughout the summer season as upgrades and safety improvements are underway. Work being carried out at the pools is being done to ensure the facility meets current building codes and safety requirements while reducing environmental footprint by using modern heating technology according to a press release from Karin Smith marketing coordinator, Canadian Rockies Hot Springs.

The project is working to improve habitat for rubber boas, a species of snake that is of special concern for Parks Canada. Along with upgrades to the pool safety improvements are being made in Sinclair Canyon which includes new sidewalks, curbs/gutters, hand railings, street lighting, and retaining walls.

Work will occur 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday-Friday, with occasional weekend work. No work Sundays or long weekends. Motorists should expect single-lane traffic and delays of up to 20 minutes. Construction crews will be staging out of the hot pools overflow parking lot, which will remain closed for the duration of the project, said Lindsay McPherson Public Relations and Communications Officer for Parks Canada.

The projected timeline for the safety upgrades to the canyon is from May 15th, 2017 to October 31st, 2017. While construction continues on the hot pools and the highway there currently is no pedestrian access ramp to the pools as the structural integrity of the ramp caused concerns for engineers.

On January 19th, 2017, following a structural engineer’s assessment, Parks Canada was notified that the pedestrian access ramp leading from the small parking lot on the south side of Highway 93 South is at risk of catastrophic failure. The ramp was immediately closed for the safety of all visitors, said Ms. Smith in a press release.

Parks Canada attempted to create a temporary solution for wheelchair access to the facility but none of the solutions have worked due to timeline and safety concerns from the proposed solutions. According to Parks Canada website, anyone unable to enter Radium Hot Springs since January may contact the pool manager and request their annual pass be extended while the ramp remains closed.