Submitted by Friends of the Radium Public Library 

Like many libraries in the past year, Radium Hot Springs Public Library has done a great job of adapting to changing conditions while offering library services to its patrons. Although the situation remains, “move ahead with caution,” Library staff and volunteers are gaining momentum on new initiatives. 

One of these initiatives is a “Friends of the Radium Public Library” volunteer group. The group consists of a coordinator and several local volunteers. While this group is new, there are numerous resources in the valley this Friends group can access. One of these resources is the Friends of the Invermere Library. According to Cindy Reekie, coordinator for the Friends of the Radium Public Library, the Friends of the Invermere Public Library group is a successful group to model their success upon, and their Friends coordinator has been very supportive of our group in providing us with valuable guidance and advice.

The Radium Public Library Friends are working on a list of fundraising events for the upcoming year and plans are underway for their first large event – a book sale. The library has received hundreds of used books of numerous genres and subject matter for everyone! Volunteers have been working many hours to sort and organize these books for a sale they plan to have near the end of November. 

Winter is a wonderful time of year to cozy up with a good book, and it’s a great idea to have a few good books on hand. Book sales are a terrific way to get some amazing books at bargain prices! And, with the holiday season, it’s a perfect time to find the ideal book for someone special. 

Friends of the Library groups are dedicated to supporting library services in their local communities through fundraising, volunteerism, and advocating for their libraries. 

If you are interested in becoming a Friends of the Library volunteer, contact your local library to obtain more information on how you can make a difference. 

To join the Friends of the Radium Public Library, contact the Radium Hot Springs Public Library at 250-347-2434.

This week’s column was written by Cindy Reekie coordinator and casual library employee, which is located at 4683 Stanley Street. Call 250-347-2434 for more information.