A crime of opportunity is what RCMP Sergeant Bob Vatamaniuck describes a rash of early morning break-ins in the Pineridge area of Invermere. Over May 3rd and May 4th, there were four reported thefts, two of which resulted in vehicle thefts. Those vehicles were later found in Alberta.

It was a relative acute crime spree, its not a chronic issue and we believe that the perpetrators are from out of town, said Sgt. Vatamaniuck.

Sgt. Vatamaniuck said for a majority of the thefts RCMP believes it was the same person or persons however, they arent limiting their search to one person or group.

We think there may have been two different groups involved, because the person or persons we believe are responsible have a certain behaviour when theyre committing the crime, and there were some of the offensives that were outside of this particular behaviour, said Sgt. Vatamaniuck.

RCMP are recommending that the public bring in any valuables from vehicles and keep car keys inside at night.

Virtually all these crimes were crimes of opportunity and if the vehicles had been locked, if the garages had been locked or at least closed it really would have mitigated a lot of the theft that occurred in that streak, said Sgt. Vatamaniuck.

RCMP will be increasing their patrols being more vigilant at night time. Sgt. Vatamaniuck said that every area of the jurisdiction should be locking up valuables at night. He went on to remind the public if they see any suspicious activity or persons in their neighbourhood that they dont recognize to call the detachment and an RCMP officer will come to check the area.