Sgt. Ed DeJong

Columbia Valley RCMP

This past week, September 18 to October 2, the Columbia Valley RCMP responded to 92 calls for service. 

The BC Highway Patrol have been actively patrolling the Hwy 93 corridor between Radium Hot Springs and the Alberta border. Members issued 71 speeding tickets with the vast majority of drivers travelling over 30 km/h above the posted limit; three commercial vehicle tickets for failing to stop at a brake check, and three for log book infractions. One driver was clocked at 58 km/h over the speed limit and had their vehicle impounded for seven days. A three-day suspension was issued under the Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) legislation for registering a warning on a roadside screening device. 

The Columbia Valley RCMP and BC Highway Patrol will continue to have a presence in the park during the Highway 1 closures and beyond.

In addition to the above, the Columbia Valley RCMP responded to 11 complaints for drivers committing various offences on Hwy 93 and Hwy 95 as well as five motor vehicle collisions. A reminder: there is an increase in wildlife on and near our roadways, especially elk.  

With hunting season upon us, the Columbia Valley RCMP have had a few calls regarding shots being fired and a poaching complaint.  If you are hunting, please ensure you follow the rules regarding the areas you are hunting and where you are discharging your firearms. At no time is it legal to discharge your firearm from a vehicle or while on a roadway. If you are aware of a possible poaching, please contact 1-877-952-7277 or #7277 on the Telus Mobility Network.

On Sept. 30 police participated in the Truth and Reconciliation walk from the Shuswap Health Centre to the Columbia Valley Centre. The RCMP are committed to strengthening our relationship with our Indigenous communities and building on the trust we have established to date.