Dear Editor:

Id like to thank Steve Hubrecht for a well-researched article last week regarding the issue of policing in the Jumbo Valley.

The District of Invermere has long been concerned that development in Jumbo would tax our already stretched-thin police, emergency and healthcare services, and the evidence Mr. Hubrecht gathered seems to support that concern. While you may agree or disagree on how appropriate it was for multiple police cruisers to accompany concrete trucks to the site, it is evident that the Province must come up with a plan to share the increased costs if development in that area is to continue. I believe it is completely unacceptable for taxpayers in Invermere and the rest of the valley to be footing the bill for policing and other services in the provincially-funded Jumbo Resort Municipality. I understand that, in order to conserve limited resources, the RCMP do not respond to vehicle collisions where there are no injuries, nor do they take action on most thefts (like bicycles). We are also aware that organized crime and drug trade are active in the valley. Given these circumstances, I call upon the provincial government to immediately negotiate a reasonable funding agreement with Jumbo Glacier Resort so that any future police, security or emergency costs do not negatively impact existing, populated, taxpaying communities in the Columbia Valley.

Spring Hawes