Columbia Valley Pioneer staff

The fire protection area in Edgewater and Panorama may be expanded in the near future.

On February 8 the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) gave three readings to the expansion of Edgewater’s service area (50 additional properties). In Panorama, the proposed expansion includes 12 additional properties.

Regional protective services manager Christina Carbrey explained that the RDEK received requests from property owners in Edgewater (Area G) to be included in the fire protection area, including properties around Spur Valley and Elk Park ranches.

Carbrey said there have been concerns that some homeowners outside of the protection area may be unaware that they are not included in the service, while others, who previously didn’t want to be included, now want to have protection.

After a review, with consultation with the fire chief, it was decided to include the additional properties, Carbrey noted. She added this prevents confusion for fire crews and residents when the fire department enters an unprotected area enroute to another protected area.

Carbrey gave a similar report for Panorama (Area F), saying the expansion ensures there will be no further gaps for any future development within the fire protection area. The area expansion includes fire protection, fire suppression, rescue services and medical first responder services.

It must be noted that the expansion proposals must receive final approval from the provincial government before the RDEK can adopt them.