By Steve Hubrecht
[email protected]

The RDEK has named a lifelong Edgewater volunteer Phyllis Wikman Christensen as its Area G volunteer of the year.

Christensen was awarded Area G volunteer of the year for a decades-long list of extensive volunteer services in Edgewater. This list is almost impossible to summarize briefly, and includes work with the Edgewater United Church Women’s evening circle, as a 4H Club leader, serving on the board of the Edgewater Community Hall (which included extensive and tireless efforts, both fundraising and physical, to renovate the hall as well as setting up “The Base” youth centre in the hall basement), the Edgewater parents’ advisory committee (PAC), which she helped form and of which she was the first chair. She also has acted as (and continues to act as) secretary to the Edgewater Seniors, was a Brownie and Girl Guide leader, was part of the first board of the Steamboat Mountain Music Society (she was vendor convenor for the event), and is secretary of the Edgewater Radium Health Care Auxiliary.

“I had never even thought of the possibility (of being named Area G volunteer of the year), so I was quite surprised,” Christensen told the Pioneer. “It’s a funny thing. My mom became a volunteer here as soon as we moved to Edgewater when I was nine. Often in those days, women took their kids with them when they did volunteer work, and that’s what she did with us. So I guess you could say I just sort of grew up with it. I love the community I live in, and I like helping out as much as I can.”

Christensen attended Edgewater elementary and then Edgewater high school, before choosing to raise her own family of six in the community. She thanked the many members of the Edgewater community who have enriched her life, and told the Pioneer she can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

“Phyllis’s long running volunteer contributions have truly built up the community of Edgewater. Thank you for all you do Phyllis, this is a well deserved award,” said RDEK Area G director Gerry Wilkie in a press release.