Dear Editor:

My great-aunt, Ethel Maude Chisholm (pictured in the January 4th edition of The Pioneers Historical Lens) was married to Arthur M. (Bob) Chisholm, a lawyer who graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School with former prime minister Mackenzie King.

Maude received her nursing degree in 1912 from Columbia University in New York City. They moved to the Valley from Toronto since Bob loved outdoor pursuits (especially hunting) and Maudes brother Edgar owned and managed the Windermere Hotel. (Brother James had died in 1908.)

Bob became the magistrate at Windermere and in his spare time authored several western novels that were published in Great Britain.

They never left the valley and both enjoyed the social pursuits of the time. As for the pie, it might appear she was issuing a warning to the photographer; she had a firm will. We will never know!

Bernice (Stoddart) Hathaway

Parksville, B.C.