Dear Editor:

I wish to respond to your February 3rd editorial A New Low in which you stated that a group of people has started a boycott of the personal businesses of the mayor and council …

I too am strongly apposed to such an initiative. I agree with Bill Arks letter (Pioneer, February 10th) that whether you agree with council or not, Personal attacks on any of them is immature and not acceptable.

However the new low to which I am referring occurred when you included what I believe to be an absolutely false statement that a similar boycott attack took place some years ago against business owners who supported the Jumbo project. This the first Ive heard of such an effort and I must question the veracity of your statement.

I can state unequivocally that neither Wildsight nor the Jumbo Creek Conservation Society has ever been involved in such an activity.

A survey of local business owners was conducted by a prominent business person in 2004, which resulted in 81 business owners signing letters addressed to Premier Campbell stating they were not in favor of the Jumbo development (See Valley Echo business feature of September 15th, 2004), but no mention or intention of boycott was involved.

In my opinion your editorial attacks on environmental groups that are working to protect our environment are based upon false (or at least incorrect) information, and totally lacking in objectivity.

I ask that in future you include your source of information when you launch into attack mode, and I offer you the benefit of my extensive files if you wish to use them.

Bob Campsall


* Editors note: the editorial Mr. Campsall speaks of did not name anyone or any group in relation to the business boycotts that were addressed. The testimonies of three business owners were heard before writing.