Dear Editor:

Happy 25th Birthday Wildsight!

I wanted to write and thank you, Wildsight, for the things you have made me aware of in the past 25 years. Like helping me understand the realities of the backcountry. I used to think it was for all British Columbians to enjoy and use. Now I know it should be protected, used only by wildlife and approved hikers.

I now understand large American Foundations including The Tides and Kendall Foundations have B.C.s prosperity in mind when they give Wildsight major funding. I used to think large grants coming from activist US Foundations came with strings attached. Dumb old me.

Being in an area supported largely by Alberta oil, Im relieved to know our economy can do well without it. I now know how grants can give grants from other grants. No pipeline needed!

My grandson and I have a small business selling vegetables and bread. Its good of you to help us know the value of local produce. This year we will sell 28 radishes, 40 pounds of potatoes, 65 carrots, 22 bunches of lettuce and 42 loaves of bread. Im not sure if this will supply the whole valley, so please see attached grant request.

I thought for years Jumbo Glacier Resort would bring jobs and add to the tax base. Thanks Wildsight for setting me straight. Now I know those jobs arent the ones we need. (See attached grant request).

I once thought the climate was always naturally changing. Now, thanks to you, I realize we humans are at fault and I feel bad about that. Thank you for helping me feel bad about that.

Im thankful for Wildsight helping us and our children understand how to live a small eco-footprint. I used to think it was good to make money and spend it on fun things. Now, thanks to you, I realize I should live small.

Thank you for helping David Suzuki teach our children ethics in school. I used to think parents did that but now I know its your job. Less for us parents to worry about, eh? If they are good girls and boys, learn their eco-pledges and drink fair trade coffee, someday they can join Wildsight and get a grant to fight against things too.

Anyways, thanks again and Happy Birthday Wildsight.

Monroe Hunsicker, Dry Gulch