Dear Editor:

On August 27th I attended the open house for the CPR Day Lodge fundraiser and was most impressed by the effort made by volunteers to preserve this historic building, in order for it to be used for valley functions. I was so impressed that I volunteered that day to sit on the board overseeing its restoration and function.

It occurred to me that there are so many willing and (often) overlooked volunteers in Invermere and the Columbia Valley. We who are owners of second, get-away homes here often take for granted these sometimes overworked people; the ambulance attendants, the firemen, the library workers, the tourist information booth workers, or just the person on the street giving directions; some of whom are never paid for their efforts.

I must admit I am as guilty as the rest of the part-timers who enjoy the beauty of the country and its amenities without giving much thought to how and by whom they have been provided. Now, I realize the difficulties in volunteering, but it can be done. Can we not spare a little time while we are here to help, if only for a few hours?

Think of the benefits. We will get to know our neighbours, for there are wonderful people here. We can see parts of the country we never knew existed. We could have the satisfaction of saying, I helped with that.

Give it a thought, for even a second home is a home.

Norma Jolliffe

Calgary, Alberta