Sgt. Ed DeJong

Columbia Valley RCMP

This past week, September 18 to September 25, the Columbia Valley RCMP responded to 73 calls for service. The following is a summary of some of the files our officers responded to:

On September 18, the detachment received a report of a bike found in the Lakeview area. Police picked up the bike and determined it was a higher end Kona mountain bike. As no matches were found via the serial number as being lost or stolen, members contacted Elemental Cycle (bike shop) in the valley and determined who had originally purchased the bike. 

In this instance, police were able to think outside the box and pinpoint the owner of a valuable item thanks to the cooperation of a local business owner. However, the process is much simpler if the owner is able to supply the serial number of an item at the time of a reported theft.  Without serial numbers, it is difficult to reunite items with owners and forward charges if items are located in the possession of an offender.  It is always a good idea to record serial numbers somewhere you can access in the event of a theft or a lost item.