Dear Editor:

Regarding the article from the September 23rd edition about the approved Lake Windermere Management Plan, and some residents concerns:

The group quoted was the Lake Windermere Watersports Association. I wonder how many of the members of this new organization have worked over the past five years toward the improvement of the lake? This planning and research, with published results, is now recognized internationally as an exceptional and valuable piece of research.

Cheryl Willard, who is a member of the Lake Windermere Watersports Association, said she could not sit upon the Lake Windermere Management Committee or maybe the Lake Windermere Ambassadors because of their connection to what I presume she meant is Wildsight; a business and ecological-value relationship that she views as immoral.

Many people here are members of Wildsight, and several people know the team of the Ambassadors. Very few people in the Columbia Valley, or living around Lake Windermere, would place such a slur upon the many hardworking persons still striving to improve the threatened health of Lake Windermere. These are not deceitful, morally evil, vicious or dissolute persons.

Shirley Campbell, Invermere