Dear Editor:

As I observe the Durban Conference on Climate go down in flames partly due to the positive leadership of the our Canadian government, it would seem like cause for celebration. But before climate skeptics erupt into an End Zone dance, take a look around and see how politics rule science on a local level.

The religion of man-made climate change permeates almost every grant request or direction our government goes. From Carbon Tax to solar subsidies, backcountry policy to halting pipeline construction all decisions based on the false premise that our climate is changing because of C02.

In the 60s and 70s it was all about the earth dangerously cooling. The left quickly realized the man-made warming concept encompasses many of its long sought ideals. Low or no development, slower growth, more government regulation, North-South redistribution.

Less C02 meant doing less of what a capitalistic society does the best, which is to create wealth through consumption. To retreat to the emission levels many environmentalists want means quite a different world than what we enjoy today.

As many of the delegates boarded their plane for Durban, they touted Zero man-made emission. They would spell disaster for our way of life.

It seems to me that creating wealth give us the means to combat the obstacles confronting families and communities. A tough winter is always easier when there is a little squirreled away. I hope the newly elected politicians will do what they can to keep taxes down and make it inviting for businesses coming to the valley.

Religion is a personal thing and should be avoided in politics.

Monroe Hunsicker

Dry Gulch