10 years ago (2003): Over 550 past and present residents of Edgewater came together from July 4 to 6 for a homecoming celebration. Dawn Hansen from Hinton and Francis Ferguson from Kamloops were delighted to run into each other again after many years apart. People travelled from all over Canada to reunite with long lost family and friends.

15 years ago (1998):Below-anticipated attendance had organizers of the Sounds Over The Rockies music festival scratching their heads and contemplating the event’s future. In its second year, only 300 people came out for the day-long lineup of entertainers including Gospel Elvis from Red Deer, AB. They had hoped for 1,000 people, and were pondering a way to boost attendance or abandoning the project.

20 years ago (1993): Local photographer Heinz Stoll received a two-day jail sentence and $2,000 fine in provincial court in Invermere after pleading guilty to charges of cultivation of marijuana and possession of a narcotic for the purpose of trafficking. Invermere RCMP had searched Stoll’s house  in May and discovered 213 marijuana plants growing in a nine- by 14-foot area. Stoll’s lawyer told Judge Fabro that Stoll, 40, had been an upstanding member of the community for over 13 years and “he’s sophisticated and intelligent enough to have learned a lesson from this.”

30 years ago (1983): Good fortune smiled on Bea Hopkins, who won $500 to be spent in any store in the community in the Fireman’s Raffle. Her winning ticket was drawn by Alderman George Eacrett. The funds that were raised by the Fireman’s Raffle were used to purchase additional equipment for the fire department.

40 years ago (1973): The Lake Windermere Valley Echo reported that concern for the health  protection of Invermere residents had the Village Council “vitally interested” in safeguarding the domestic water supply. Council was endeavouring to purchase or obtain control over all lands that may be affected or fall within the specified watershed area. Negotiations were underway with Christmas Tree firms owning property in the area. Council hoped to acquire 200 acres in the vicinity of the Paddy Ryan Lakes.

50 years ago (1963): Sandra Collins, Vicki Lou Zinkan and Sigrid Sattmann were in friendly competition for the honour of being named Lake Windermere Mermaiden at the 6th Annual Regatta. Sandre represented the Village of Invermere merchants and her manager was Murray Fisher. Vicki was the representative of the Calgary summer residents and her manager was Edward Forbes. Sigrid was sponsored by the valley oil companies and Windermere, and her manager was Charles Wolfe.