MAJESTIC Rescued bald eagle, Lola, takes flight near the J2 Ranch, just south of Canal Flats. Photos by Kate Irwin

An eagle rescued this summer and rehabilitated by the Invermere Veterinary Clinic is soaring above the valley once again after her release on Saturday, November 19th.

Lola, a bald eagle, was found with an injured shoulder by the J2 ranch near Canal Flats at the start of the summer. After her injuries healed, the rehabilitation process began with local vet, Mark Zehnder, flying Lola on a tether to strengthen her wing.

But as her progress was slow, Lola was sent to the Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in Delta to continue her recovery.Once healed, the only task left was to return Lola to the spot where she was found, giving her the best chance of survival, and let her take to the skies. Lola was also fitted with a metal ring allowing her movements to be tracked if she is ever recaptured.