Dear Editor:

The Lake Windermere Management Plan open house offered a good first review of what government is moving towards, as a result of many months of public input. I came away with the thought it is not a bad start except in one area the Lake Windermere Management Committee.

The Regional District of East Kootenay and the District of Invermere have decided for the first five years of the plan to allow one group act as the sole committee the Lake Windermere Ambassadors Society. I bear no malice towards the group but do question the democratic process at work here.

A lot can change in both the leadership and membership makeup of any group in a five year period, regardless of all good intentions in the beginning.

For the last couple of years both levels of government have encouraged and requested the public to come out to discuss the management of Lake Windermere. They appear satisfied to have received enough good and thoughtful information from the public; yet when it comes to forming a management committee we failed the test.

With a resident area population of 10,000 surely there are enough people, representing several walks of life, to select from.

Richard Hoar