Dear Editor:

I have been reading the debate surrounding the Columbia Valley Recreational Access Coalition (CVRAC). It troubles me that people cannot get together with respect to solve issues concerning the backcountry.

I have read letters written by Cheryl Willard in the past, and she seems like a smart person. I always admired Kelsey Verboom for her courage in writing editorials on controversial subjects. My respect for Pat Morrow should go without saying. So, it both surprises me and saddens me to see their names used in a negative context. The irony is that the emotions on all sides are fueled by a common thread, a love for the outdoors. It is my hope that this emotion can be channeled cooperatively to resolve issues related to backcountry use.

Emotion can be a great motivator, but such abuse is debilitating. Hopefully, respect and love for the outdoors will ultimately prevail and issues will ultimately be resolved.

Eric Peter, Invermere