Dear Editor:

Regarding your November 25th editorial Ride it out: not too hard to tell who you voted for Mayor of Invermere.

Here are some harsh realities for you from someone who has spent a good portion of the last two years travelling throughout North America.

The economic malaise that we are seeing is not reflected in every part of the continent. If anything, our proximity to provinces that are doing relatively well should have buffered our economic downturn.

Your statement about riding it out and waiting for the rest of Canada to have more money to spend is a cop out. It is an excuse to do nothing, or worse yet continue down the same path of non-sustainable projects. Ride it out is an excuse for certain politicians who dont have experience, vision, passion and commitment.

There are plenty of places in North America that are scenic, have great recreational opportunities, and have great wildlife values. What sets those areas apart from Invermere is that these other places actually welcome visitors.

As someone who has been hands-on for the last six years trying to garner the districts support for trails for all seasons, I can tell you that the actual support level is pitiful in its own right and embarrassing compared to other communities. The combined support for biking, skiing, skating, hiking and the arts was dwarfed last year by a single non-budgeted project that had no documented sustainable value.

Ride It Out? No, I expect more from a $200,000 per year commitment to an administrator, mayor and council. Or, there are plenty of other places to travel, recreate, be entertained, relax, sight-see, shop and stay where you dont have to ride it out.

Nick Berzins, Invermere