Dear Editor:

I read with interest the publisher’s comments pertaining to concerns that letters to the editor were not being published concerning the wearing of masks, or the hoax of the so called COVID-19 pandemic.

There appears to be those who firmly believe it is their right as a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant to oppose rules or laws in this country by simply dismissing them as “contrary to the Charter of rights and freedoms of Canada”. 

I, for one, being a native son have lived in this country for 25 years prior to the charter and found during that time Canada was a safe pleasant place to live and work. I understand now that there were injustice practices during those years in the treatment of Aboriginals, immigrants, and yes gender inequality to name a few. 

Canada is a young country by world standards. Like any new parent, you do the best you can with your first child taking lessons learned and applying them to the next. The same can be said for a new country. 

Unfortunately, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was a loosely worded document that was so designed to be ”fine tuned” by the law courts of Canada. This, according to the Prime Minister of the day. 

There is another lesson learned. Perhaps, in the future, the charter will be amended to include Responsibilities.

I, for one, will wear my mask, wash my hands and social distance, not just for me but for the young child that has had chemotherapy and is immune deficient, my old neighbour who worked hard as a miner and has emphysema, and others who I do not know in compromised health situations.

It bears repeating Do unto others as you wish to be done for you. 

Allen Segstro, Radium Hot Springs