Dear Editor:

Seventeen percent of the Village of Radium Hot Springs 2013 capital budget will be spent putting a roof on an outdoor rink, and this number increases to twenty percent if you include planned upgrades to the rink! Really?

Apart from a roof on an outdoor rink being a bit of an oxymoron, is this really the best use of taxpayers money? How much longer will a roof extend the yearly use of the rink and how many people will benefit from a roof? With businesses on Main Street shutting down, vacant buildings that nobody seems to want to lease, motels that sit vacant for most of the year, and a real estate market that has stalled, couldnt the money be better spent on projects that will attract people and businesses to this wonderful community?

I dont mean to imply that I know the best way to spend the capital budget and maybe a roof is a good idea. However, as a part-time resident of this community, I would like to see my tax dollars being spent on things like a proper venue for Music on Main Street, a spray park or skateboard park for the kids, or something else that will attract people to stay and play in this resort community.

Jan Michaelian