By Haley Grinder
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Lyn Birkett, owner of Rising Sun Massage, is incorporating a NeurOptimal advanced brain training system to help combat stress and anxiety that many of her clients face. The massage studio, located in Radium Hot Springs, first opened in 2005 at the Radium Golf Resort, but moved to central Radium four years ago. She has continually brought clients a wide range of mental and physical benefits.

Birkett has been a registered practitioner under the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada since 1999 and is formally trained in reflexology, iridology, herbology and nutrition, along with orthopedic assessment and treatments.

“Many clients are seeking results from the effects of plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, bursitis of the hip,” says Birkett. “I use a blend of different techniques, which includes compression, broadening, friction, deep longitudinal work, static compression and myofascial release combined with trigger points. Also, in combination with these techniques are the foundational relaxation techniques that people have come to know and enjoy.”

Birkett also provides massage services for First Nations within the Columbia Valley, particularly for the Shuswap Indian Band and the Akisqnuk. Although services are available in house if desired, she also travels to the Shuswap Band’s Health Centre on Wednesdays and to Akisqnuk on alternating Tuesdays to ease access to treatment.

However, it was her latest introduction of the NeurOptimal brain training system that is setting her apart.

Amber Schick’s family completed 20 sessions. “It has taken away almost all of my daughter’s anxiety,” says Schick, who is excited about the self-healing concept of NeurOptimal. “It is very uplifting, helps with sleep issues and just makes you feel amazing.”

NeurOptimal is a noninvasive, nonlinear form of brain training, that does not diagnose or treat. Psychologists developed NeurOptimal to monitor your brain while listening to music and watching a screen of beautiful, colourful, changing designs. When brain activity changes, it stops the music, inviting the user to return their attention to the calming process, essentially retraining the brain to understand and manage its emotions more comfortably and effectively.

Birkett provides the service from her studio but also allows clients to rent the NeurOptimal machine and use it in the comfort of their own home.