By Nikki Fredrikson

Pioneer Staff

It seems with every election comes a rivalry between parties, candidates, and occasionally supporters, however, I was surprised to see that rivalry so to speak, dissolve as the polls rolled in.

I spent election night at NDP candidate Gerry Tafts office, covering the election from his side of things and I was surprised by the amount of support the Columbia River-Revelstoke riding candidates had for each other.

While the battle waged on between the Liberals and the NDP to win the swing riding of Columbia River-Revelstoke the candidates played nice.

Once Mr. Doug Clovechok took the riding Mr. Taft immediately called to congratulate his riding rival and spoke to me about his admiration for the independent candidates. He even received a phone call from independent Justin Hooles upon the announcement of the Liberals win.

In his winning speech Mr. Clovechok even took time to acknowledge the other candidates in the riding, and the work they put in.

Having spent the last few weeks of the election covering all the candidates and watching them campaign against each other it was nice to see the respect these up and coming politicians have for each other.