Dear Editor:

This is a letter we received last week from Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport Canada. We have been warning you that if you give these guys an inch, they will take a mile. They have absolutely no measurements or scientific evidence to support this decision and furthermore counted international and non-valley people into the 1,710 comments regarding the new rules. We suspect of the so called 85 per cent, 98 per cent of the people responding to this dont even know where the Columbia River is and have never navigated or ever will navigate this waterway. They were probably solicited by Wildsight and a small number of national and international activists.

I am sure you will notice they have included invasive species into the justification. Hey, arent your lakes on the same water system? This restriction includes Lake Windermere in the restricted area and at the end of the text exempts it this exemption could quietly and easily be removed in the future.

I ask you: Why are you standing by allowing Transport Canada to remove our rights to safely navigate the Columbia River? How soon before they make up a scientific story to change the boating rules on your lake? Yes, the lakes are exempted in the fine print in this new restriction, but speak to the lobbyists behind this and you will see no motors is the agenda.

The current politicians promise that your lakes will not be effected. What about the next group? Stop this now!

At very least, ask to see the evidence behind this. Under the freedom of information act, we have requested the information behind this decision and they have not provided it and or have asked for a delay on providing it, but are moving ahead regardless.

We have absolute proof that they are fabricating green-washing to pass new laws. Yes, this restriction only affects a very small number of boats, but it sets a large precedent. Making laws and rules by fabricating the justification should not be allowed. Visit to read more.

Peter Lafontaine

Fairmont Hot Springs

Thank you for your correspondence of July 18, 2016, regarding the proposed Regulations Amending the Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations.

The intent of the proposed engine power restriction on the main channel of the upper Columbia River (between Fairmont Hot Springs and Donald Station) and its tributaries is to increase protection of the marine environment, increase public safety, protect wildlife nesting areas and reduce the likelihood of the introduction of invasive species.

Notification of the pre-publication of the Regulations in the Canada Gazette, Part I, was provided to stakeholders at the national Canadian Marine Advisory Council meeting that was held in Ottawa in April 2016. Furthermore, a notice was posted on both the Transport Canada and Government of Canada consultation websites, and information was forwarded to the applicants for dissemination to stakeholders.

I should note that Transport Canada followed the Cabinet Directive on Regulatory Management with respect to the proposed regulatory amendments.

The proposed regulations were pre-published in the Canada Gazette, Part I, on April 2, 2016, and included a 30-day comment period. During this time, Transport Canada received a total of 1710 comments, 85 per cent of which were in full support of the proposed amendments. First Nations are very supportive and have been involved throughout this process. As a result of the strong support, Transport Canada intends to advance this proposal.

Again, thank you for writing and sharing your comments with me.

Yours sincerely,

The Honourable Marc Garneau

P.C., M.P.

Minister of Transport