Dear Editor:

Every day, I find another thing to like about this place.

When I moved to Brisco six years ago, a bumper sticker on my car read: Same Rights, Same Rules, Same Roads.

I cycled up and down Highway 95 only a few times before deciding I didnt think of myself as suicidal, and I switched to mountain biking up and down and across the valley.

My clunky Trek kept me on a bike and brought me more options in terms of where to ride, but Im a roadie at heart, so this May, on the long weekend, I headed up to Spilli on my road bike.

The gorgeous day, good timing perhaps, and unpredictably light traffic made a difference, but I like to think the surprising, amazing, almost 100 per cent sea change in consideration I received from motorists of every type means more people are getting on bikes and in canoes and on boards and skates and are therefore more aware of how it feels to be that player, exposed in whatever way sports expose us.

Ive been up to Spilli for coffee every weekend since the May long, and I can continue to say Cheers to defensive driving and to sharing the road.

Kate Bennett