Submitted by Pat Bavin

Bavin Glassworks

The Bavin family has a relationship with the Purcell Mountains that dates back four generations, to the early 1920s. This includes a legacy of creative joy, respect and environmental integrity for these high places.

Bavin Glassworks Purcell Rock and Ice Show takes place on Saturday, December 29th. Its a dedication to our ancestors who enjoyed mountain travels, and is also a message of sincerity relating to the slogan, the mountains shall bring peace to the people.

The understanding among the artists working to create their art by hand for this show is that they are doing so with the intent of truly bringing peace to the place using the theme of mountain, ice and rock as the symbols. Each artist has used the theme of high places in an enticing personal challenge using their specialized medium and talent.

After three years of experimentation, Pat Bavin will unveil a new group of glacier paintings with ice falls, seracs [ice blocks] and crevasses expressed with pieces of glass and glass beads mixed with acrylic paint.

Ryan Bavins glass pieces and photos represent his love of the mountains we live in. Leah Duperreault has created ice-themed pieces, using her torch to create limited-edition jewellery. Sheenah King is creating hollow ice beads with gemstones and silver, and Debi Armitage will also display new theme works for this show. Bonnie Bavin will have new multimedia jewellery including crystal, metal and leather.

Pats commitment to sustaining the Purcell Mountains started with his involvement in the creation of the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy in 1974. To celebrate those special times, we will also be showing old film footage by Art Twomey, which will rotate throughout the day on our TV monitor. Please drop by to enjoy, and thanks to Margie Jamieson for transferring these films to disc.

Some of Pats efforts have also included the economic and social slant to help build mountain culture and manage recreational use of our backcountry. Ryan, Pats son, has followed the family tradition with his involvement in the Columbia Valley Hut Society and work with Canadian Mountain Holidays (CMH) as a hiking guide.

Pat will donate a portion of his painting sale proceeds to Awakening Directions, a three-day, youth, adventure-based leadership program for ages 15 to 18. It operates each summer at the CMH Bobby Burns Lodge, funded by CMH staff and guests. Information on Awakening Directions will be available during the show, and we would appreciate donations.

The show opens at 10 a.m. on Saturday, December 29th, so drop in and enter the draw for door prizes. Join us from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. for an end of 2012 walkabout between Bavin Glassworks and Arrowhead Brewery. Park at either establishment, and wander through these two businesses, which will offer live music, drinks and snacks. Contact 1-778-526-2739 for more details.