Dear Editor:

Im Doug Clovechok and Im married to Susan. We have lived in Dutch Creek south of Fairmont for almost 10 years. I have three children, and Susan and I have four grandkids. We were also small business owners here in the valley.

Today, I am the manager of the Invermere and Kimberley campuses for College of the Rockies. My background is in education and I am passionate about making sure our children and adult learners have what they need to succeed. I also worked years in tourism and understand our tourism industry.

On May 9th, 2017 youll choose a new MLA. Mr. Macdonald, after three terms in opposition, is retiring. We all appreciate his service. Mr. Macdonald, a good person at heart, could only stand outside the fence and criticize government. Ive spent the past four years helping people with government-related issues that an Opposition MLA simply cannot impact.

I worked with the local Area E RDEK director to get a regional community park at Cherry Creek Falls outside Kimberley. I organized a meeting in Victoria with the mayor of Revelstoke and three government Ministers around the Trans-Canada Highway issue. I worked with the local Area F Director on community access issues at the north end of Columbia Lake and organized community meetings with the Forest, Lands and Natural Resources Operations minister to improve wildlife populations. I have also been working with the Westside Legacy Trail folks on land use issues.

Most all of my constituents love the outdoors, second only to their families, and I share that interest and passion.

I know Im not entitled to your vote for any reason other than you believe in your heart that the candidate is best qualified and will work hard for you. Your MLA must achieve measurable results for our communities, always putting you first before everything else. Above all, your MLA must represent you in Victoria, not just represent Victoria in the riding!

I tried in 2013 to become your MLA. This time around, I hope Ive shown that my reasons for wanting to be your MLA are the right reasons. I want to serve and help the people in our communities. I am not a professional politician, just an ordinary person who wants to put a lifetime of diverse experience to work for you.

Doug Clovechok

Dutch Creek

Editors note: Doug Clovechok is the BC Liberal Party candidate in the May 9th, 2017 B.C. election.