Submitted by RDEK

The sale of fireworks is currently prohibited in the rural areas of the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK).

“We have a seasonal prohibition on the sale of fireworks that runs between May and October each year, and we want to remind both business owners and the general public that the sale of fireworks in the rural parts of the RDEK is now prohibited,” says General Manager of Development & Protective Service Michele Bates.

As a regional district, the RDEK is not able to regulate the use of fireworks as a municipality might. 

The use of fireworks in rural areas is governed by provincial restrictions, which prohibit the use of fireworks anytime there is a Category 2 Open Burning Ban in place. 

“It is important for the public to understand the different categories of burning restrictions in BC, as many people do not realize that the use of fireworks are prohibited whenever a Category 2 Open Burning Ban is in effect,”  Bates says.

The RDEK’s bylaw prohibits the sale of fireworks between May 1 and October 1 annually. This applies to any person or business within rural Electoral Areas A, B, C, E, F and G.

The prohibition is set to address the fire hazards that fireworks create.