Letter to the editor

I read the article in the March 7 edition of the Pioneer, ‘Barn bats seek new home in Fairmont’, with great disappointment that this colony is facing homelessness unless a location can be found for their new roost. 

So many good points are made in the article to offer them a new location when their home of many years is demolished this spring. With the imminent threat of white nose syndrome in our area, a disease that has already killed millions of bats worldwide, bats are already facing serious threats to their populations. 

These bats will be returning soon and need somewhere to raise their pups, which they only have one of per year. 

When a project is funded and offered to the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort as an alternative to save the bats, it is hard to fathom why they would not take advantage of it. I hope they will see the merits of offering a new location so these protected species of bats can be saved before it is too late.

Linda Pfeiffer, Fairmont Hot Springs