Dear Editor:

My husband and I are the leads for the Sensible BC campaign in the Kimberley area and are acting as district helpers. A team we have put together is planning on coming to Invermere on October 20th to collect a signature from anyone who has been looking to sign the Sensible BC petition for a marijuana referendum. Our district threshold is 10 per cent (2,500 signatures), and our district goal is 15 per cent (3,750 signatures).

We are taking the first steps with Sensible BC to decriminalize marijuana, which will be a positive thing in so many aspects. The biggest factor is that B.C. pays $10 million per year locking people up for simple pot possession. Many people agree its just time for decriminalization to happen!

Unfortunately, there are currently no canvassers volunteering in Invermere or Radium, so our Kimberley team is coming in for one day to collect as many signatures as possible. If anyone is willing to collect some signatures for the area, please contact me as soon as possible at .

Thanks very much!

Ashlee Taylor