SMASH Canal Flats Fire Rescue attends the accident scene, where a lone semi-truck flipped on its side on Highway 93/95. Photo by Ed English

By Pioneer Staff

Long weekend drivers were brought to a halt near Canal Flats on May 18th, when a semi-truck hauling black tar flipped on its side, spilling its content all over the highway.

The semi flipped while travelling north on Highway 93/95, five kilometres from the Whiteswan Lake turnoff.

Invermeres Ed English was driving behind the semi and watched with horror as the scene unfolded before him.

It blew me away, Ed said. He just all of a sudden veered off onto the right onto the shoulder, and it was like a big explosion, a big cloud of dust.

Ed called 911 and raced to the truck. He pulled out the driver, who suffered only minor injuries.

Emergency services attended the scene, and the highway remained closed for several hours while the crash was mopped up.