HEAVENLY EVANS  Kellylee Evans from Toronto will be performing live at the Invermere MusicFest. Photo Submitted

HEAVENLY EVANS Kellylee Evans from Toronto will be performing live at the Invermere MusicFest. Photo Submitted

By Joshua Estabrooks

Special to The Pioneer

As if you needed any more reasons to attend the Invermere Music Festival on Sunday, August 3rd, right? Well, here are a few more, if you havent already purchased your ticket. Take a minute and picture the venue, for instance.

Yes, Kinsmen Beach is a public greenspace within the District of Invermeres boundaries, but where else can you find rolling grassy hills, hot sandy beaches and old growth trees alongside one of the most stunning mountain lakes in the province, all within a hop, skip and a jump from a bustling downtown of shops, art galleries and restaurants?

The incredibly varied cast of performances is sure to convince those last minute skeptics, too, as every act is unique and talented in their own specific way. Take Kellylee Evans, a rising Canadian star in the jazz, soul and hip hop worlds. Her voice is considered one of the most beautiful of her generation, and she received considerable critical acclaim for her 2010 tribute album to Nina Simone.

Shes back with a new album, having chosen songs by the likes of Eminem, John Legend and Kanye West, jazzed them up and made them her own. This is a performer you dont want to miss as one day her shows will command high ticket prices and major stadiums to house her thousands of fans. Kellylee Evans goes on stage at 6:45 p.m.

Yet another reason? Earlier in the afternoon, The River and the Road will take the stage (at 2:45 p.m.), putting on what will surely be a heartfelt set, full of true, honest, musical storytelling coupled with a gripping live performance. This is what audiences can expect from The River and the Road.

The group, made up of singer/guitarist Andrew Phelan, singer/banjo player Keenan Lawlor, drummer Cole George, and bassist John Hayes, recently experienced a wave of success in Australia, and are looking to spread their rugged yet refined sound throughout more of the Canadian landscape. A spirited folk form of sincere storytelling, mixed with strong harmonies, heavy percussion breakdowns, and dynamic arrangements. Thats what embodies the sound of The River and The Road.

Check out www.invermeremusicfest.com for more information on any of the acts and to purchase your tickets online.

Got your tickets yet? How many more reasons do you need?