Dear Editor:

I want to thank the participating businesses in Invermere for the annual Ladies Night Out on Monday, December 10th. I appreciate the extra work and money that this costs the businesses as they stay open late, prepare some great snacks and beverages, and give discounts. Each store also gave away a $100 gift certificate for a lucky winner.

I was disappointed that the streets were not busy with ladies taking advantage of this event because without good attendance, we will lose another opportunity to give back. The businesses give to the customers and the customers give back to the businesses. Thats how living and working in a community should go.

I believe strongly in supporting local because I see the benefit to myself and my neighbours having jobs here. I see the value in only driving a short distance to get what I need sold by people that I have relationships with.

My family is not of the wealthy variety and so we do watch where our money goes, but we are able to survive right here in the valley, buying goods and services from the valley. I heard a story about a mother who had just returned home from Cranbrook and said how exhausted she was from shopping all day in town. In the next breath, she spoke about her disappointment with the fact her son couldnt find a job here. Its very interesting that we dont make the connection.

Yes, I do shop in Cranbrook, but rarely. The reality is Cranbrook does not come to Invermere to shop. If you work in the valley, is not the valley worth your support?

Jackie Lysak, Invermere