#BrettBrettBoatConcert is back

 By Chadd Cawson-Local Journalism Initiative Reporter                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Brett Kissel and W. Brett Wilson are back with a boat concert on Lake Windermere. The concert, the third of its kind, will take place on July 31, beginning at 7:30 p.m. The #BrettBrettBaltacBoatConcert, will support the Columbia Valley Foundation’s Community Fund. Everyone in attendance will be encouraged to donate to the cause.

“We continue to put on this concert to raise funds for The Valley. One hundred per cent of the funds raised go directly to supporting the cause since myself and other sponsors cover all costs of the event itself,” W. Brett Wilson, Calgary philanthropist and property owner/developer in Windermere said in a press release last week. “With that being said, we are suggesting that each boat attending make a collective contribution of $1,000 or more and would ask less for those on paddleboards. We work closely with The Columbia Valley Foundation to direct the funds raised to the charities and organizations most in need.”

This unique concert can only be seen on the water by boat offshore near Baltac Road’s boat launch but can be heard on some airwaves also the title of one Kissel’s chart toppers. Those

with a boat or anything to paddle can dial into 88.5 FM radio. It can be picked up on boats, in cabins and cars. With 18 Canadian Country Music Association Awards and two Juno Awards, including Country Album of the Year, Kissel is a renowned Canadian country music star. The valley has always been near and dear to Wilson’s heart and is always keen to give back to it. While most events shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic, this one emerged and thrived with its first in July of 2020.

“The concert was brought forth when Covid was in full force to bring something fun to the community in a safe way,” said Wilson who amongst many things is a huge supporter of mental health. “I started to brainstorm with my friend Brett Kissel and the whole idea just came together in a brilliant way!”

The show will last a couple of hours and wrap up just before dark. The show will only proceed if the weather is safe. Those who attend will be expected to oblige by all BC boating laws, rules and regulations. The RCMP will also be in attendance and assisting on the water. To donate to the Columbia Valley Foundation’s Community Fund online at ValleyFoundation.ca/Boat-Concert.

“As soon as the summer begins, I am constantly inundated with people asking if there are any plans for another boat concert,” said Wilson. “So not only does the boat concert raise funds for a variety of worthy charities in need, but it also brings a huge sense of community where everyone can get together and enjoy a family friendly evening.”