Dear Editor:

I have been watching the deer cull issue with some interest. Initially, I was mildly against the deer cull but since I am an evil, part-time resident, I was reluctant to take a serious position on the issue.

However, that has recently changed. Those oversized rodents have decided that it is okay for them to munch on my Mugo pines. Thats it. My tolerance is shot.

Imagine the suffering those poor, little pines went through when the gaping maw of the deer bore down on them. It is almost too much to bear.

I think we should found the Invermere Shrubbery Protection Organization (ISPO). Its first act will be to sue the pants off the Invermere Deer Protection Organization (IDPO) for loss of plant life, plus damages for a variety of stress induced ailments including sleeplessness, headaches, high blood pressure, back pain, excessive flatulence and alcoholism. (Well, perhaps the alcoholism is a pre-existing condition.)

Any money left over from the lawsuit after lining my pockets would be donated back to the municipality to offset the costs of the frivolous IDPO lawsuit.

Gary Euler

Calgary, Alberta