After the COVID-19 pandemic began impacting Canadians this spring, the Shuswap Indian Band (SIB) has reported an increase in waste-water usage in the Columbia Valley.

“We’ve seen a significant uptick in water use,” said Richard Haworth, Haworth Development Consulting. “The (SIB) sells water to the Regional District of East Kootenay, which services the Holland Creek area, also known as Lakeview Meadows, which is serviced by the band. Most of the homes in the Holland Creek area are second homes to Albertans. It increased a lot earlier in the year. In March-April, we saw the consumption go up beyond what’s normal for that area.”

Haworth, who works in collaboration to provide over-arching management services for the SIB and the daily operations provided to SIB members through Corix Utilities, indicated that the Kinbasket Water Sewer Company provides water to the Holland Creek area through the RDEK, Black Forest and commercial business located on Arrow Road such as Kicking Horse Coffee and Home Hardware.

However, Haworth explained that SIB homes are utilizing septic fields, meanwhile others located in Black Forest are on sewer along with the commercial businesses on Arrow Road.

While there is currently no concern about the increasing waste-water usage, Haworth has been visiting the lagoons to monitor the situation with his team.